The “Iron Lady” of Malaysia speaks out again: Idiots are spoiling our reputation.

Tan Sri Rafidah is known in Malaysia and beyond as veteran politician with decades of experience in various government administrations and chairman of Air Asia X. In an interview with Volker Friedrich the CEO of GBP INTERNATIONAL she shares her thinking on current political and economic affairs in the Asian region, China, Europe, and USA.

The interview is full of thought-provoking quotes and Rafidah is very outspoken on missing leadership in times of COVID 19 and missing regional coordination in ASEAN and Europe. She says that it is wrong to focus on less globalisation, but it should be the opposite and that every country should focus on its comparative advantage. Every other strategy will only have higher cost at the end of the day.

On the heated debate over a tweet on France from her former boss Dr. Mahathir she comments that it was malice by certain media and taken out of context. Each and everybody should respect the faith of others and this is valid for all religions.

Talking also about corruption affairs such as 1MDB which reflects badly on Malaysia “it is unfair to judge a whole country by the wrongdoing of certain individuals”. The same would be true if a criminal in Germany is doing something bad Malaysians will not see Germany as bad as well.

“It is always a pleasure to discuss world affairs with Tan Sri Rafidah as she has such a vast experience and she can judge from academic, political and economic perspectives because she has seen it all live and in action” says Volker Friedrich.

Citing the present crisis because of COVID 19 Rafidah says that international supply chains need to be strengthened and digitalised as this is without alternative and companies not doing so will be left out in the time after the pandemic.

Get a first glimpse through this summary:

watch the whole video

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