“We deliver results in difficult foreign markets!”

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GBP INTERNATIONAL has developed from a boutique consultancy into a Global Network of partners in Europe, Asia-Pacific, USA, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East. Our GBP industry experts know the trends and drivers in your industry and provide you a wide range of services like:

Strategy Consultancy

The development, realisation and constant re-evaluation of the strategic positioning of your company is a key element of any entrepreneurial activity. More often than not the Asia strategy is a copy of the strategies from western markets. Such strategies fall short of country specific necessities which are essential to make your venture a success.

Project Management

Any project or effort needs to be managed by a team of professionals who know the tools and have the right education/skill set in order to manage a project in time and within budget. Controlling the milestones and interacting with your local partners is a key to success.

Business Development

Asia represents a huge opportunity to businesses looking to grow and expand. Asia itself is a complex of different markets and cultures. Its sheer diversity and range is both an opportunity and a significant marketing challenge.

Sales & Sourcing Services

GBP International is active over a wide range of markets worldwide, each having characteristics of its own. In order to be successful, it is crucial to develop adequate sales strategies and find adequate sales partners for your products. This includes identifying new and reliable sourcing opportunities will directly impact your profit margin. Asian markets have a tremendous amount of suppliers which are virtually unknown in Europe

Human Resources/Interim Managers

Human Resources are a key to success no matter where in the world your business works. Putting the right people to the right place at the right time is the main success criterion for every project. Nothing is more stable than change, especially in a difficult cultural environment.

Corporate Services

The company set up is one of the most important preconditions for a successful presence in the market. GBP International coordinates and manages the necessary formalities from name search, licensing, registrar of companies, local directors and other essential formalities.

In today’s global economy it is important to have “know how” and “know who” in all major industries

We will match and exceed your expectations by using the appropriate tools in combination with decades of experience.

Nothing beats experience!

GBP INTERNATIONAL is in the business since 1997 giving us a track record of 20 years with over 500 successfully completed project assignments in many industries.
Our main theme is “successful internationalisation” – mainly supporting companies in their business development and expansion in foreign markets
The projects we handle are across most b2b industries, covering the whole value chain, focussing on delivering results and value for money.
Our operational headquarters are based in Germany and Malaysia. The target markets have been across the globe with an empathise on China, India and ASEAN as well as Europe and the Middle East and Africa.
Our shareholders and managing partners are a group of experienced international industry specialist with operational practises of many decades in various industries. We are supported by a board of advisors consisting of leading industry captains, ambassadors and opinion leaders.

GBP International CEO

Volker Friedrich

Managing Director

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Facts & Figures

Year of incorporation: 1997 Registered as a private limited company in Malaysia with company number 491856 – U 1997 GBP INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD.

Office Address:8-2 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 

Managing Director: Volker Friedrich

Bankers: CIMB Malaysia, Commerzbank Germany

Number of completed assignment: over 500

Countries in which we have worked: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Lebanon, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Iran, South Africa, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom