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GBP International is an independent consulting company and offers Management Consulting Services in Asia Pacific. Based in Asia and Europe with a strong international network spreading across China, India, Southeast-Asia and Europe, we provide industry specific expertise and high quality industry research to clients with a particular interest in the Asian markets.

GBP International was founded in 1997 by Volker U. Friedrich. Prior to founding GBP International, Volker Friedrich was a Senior Consultant with Roland Berger & Partner. GBP International has its legal base in Malaysia but has established a number of representative offices with local presences in the major cities in Asia Pacific. Berlin and Kuala Lumpur have developed as centres for the coordination of our activities in Europe and Asia, respectively.

Our Mission

To enable our clients and partners to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Therefore we provide operational and hands-on services to our clients in Asia and Europe. GBP will make a difference in terms of sustainable business success and show the right way forward.

Our Vision

To contribute to a better understanding between the East and West by leveraging on each other’s skills and expertise for mutual benefit and conducting business among friends.