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Business Development

Where are the best opportunities for your products? How do you pitch and make your bid a success? Where do you find the right information?

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Our scope of work

Strategy Assessment

The development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the strategic direction is a core element of every entrepreneurial activity. Common Asian strategies often neglect country-specific needs.

Project Management

Any project or effort needs to be managed by a team of professionals who know the tools and have the right education/skill set in order to manage a project in time and within budget. Controlling the milestones and interacting with your local partners is a key to success.

Finance & Investments/VC

The project financing and provision of capital are often a key success factor for project development. GBP works successfully with financial institutions, venture capitalists and angel investors for many years. Sustainable project funding will be reviewed in a transparent process and negotiated together with our clients. The successful structuring of project financing has been one of the main GBP International strengths. Through our international connections in the financial industry, we can structure successful financing models. In selected cases, GBP International is also involved as an equity partner.

Interim Management

The GBP International database on interim managers allows for short term assignments. If critical company functions are vacant for too long or if special skills are required to turn a company back into profitability you will find the right people with us.

Tender Consulting

Government organisations or large organisations often call for tenders. This is where a proper tender management needs to be in place at the customer’s side. The formal requirements and the needs for local content are constantly rising and you need to cope with it.

HR & Organization

Interim Management

Human Resources are a key to success no matter where in the world your business works. Putting the right people to the right place at the right time is the main success criterion for every project. Nothing is more stable than change, especially in a difficult cultural environment. Not all companies can always and immediately take account of this.

This gap is ideal for HR interim management – flexible, fast and competent. More than 300 fast-acting interim managers from many different industries are available in our network to support your company and solve bottlenecks. Interim Management is a special service for shortages in your projects. It is about the temporary use of specialists and executives within the framework of firmly defined projects.

Interim Management is a personnel procurement tool for the short-term, time-flexible retrieval of experienced specialists, managers and executives. No case is the same, and yet all cases have something in common: our experienced GBP interim managers do their jobs quickly, on time and on budget.

If you are looking for an HR expert as an interim manager for your company, it usually has to go fast. In addition, the candidate’s profile should fit well with your requirements. Matching requires a process that cannot be achieved quickly without an exact knowledge of the qualifications and availability of an interim manager.

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Sourcing & Sales

GBP International develops adequate sales and sourcing strategies and assist you with finding adequate sales and supply partners for your products and components. We help you in establishing sales offices and a distributor or vendor network in order to increase your revenue, improve your cost structure and overall profitability in the target regions world wide.

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Our scope of work


Over the years, GBP has completed sourcing assignments in various service and manufacturing industries. As we have been active throughout Asia since 1997, we can rely not only on a broad network of contacts from Iran to China, but also on the necessary technical expertise to help you to assess whether new providers can really meet your specific requirements.
Sourcing in Asia has specific challenges, mostly fueled by cultural differences that keep playing a role even in globalised economies. Following a transparently structured approach, our consultants also emphasize communication with our clients in sourcing projects, so that expectations do not fail to meet reality and real added value can be created.

The same applies to successful sourcing in Europe for Asian customers: it is crucial to understand the respective economies from more perspectives than mere numbers. We build a bridge for our Asian customers to understand the specifics of Europe’s markets so that their investment and business activities run smoothly and have the desired effect.


GBP International is active over a wide range of markets worldwide, each having characteristics of its own. In order to be successful, it is crucial to develop adequate sales strategies and find adequate sales partners for your products. We help you in establishing sales offices and a distributor network in order to increase your revenue and profit in the target region.

Strategy Practice

Strategy development and strategy assessment is the supreme discipline in consulting.

It is here where the wheat is separated from the chaff. We consider ourselves not only as experts with a successful track record since 1997, we are consultants with heart. This is most important for us. We want to understand our customers in-depth, so that we can customize strategies according to their needs, always in accordance with a certain market’s specifics. Our consultants contribute perspectives from various backgrounds and industries, offering conventional and unconventional solutions for your projects. This applies for our Asian customers in Europe and vice versa, for our big customers in traditional industries and small start-ups that want to cast their net wide. In any case, we will be honest with you and your strategy, whether we develop it together or whether you require an expert’s opinion.

Corporate Services

GBP International provides a full range of high quality professional services designed to ease your concerns regarding your business in Asia.

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Our scope of work

Company Formation

The company set up is one of the most important preconditions for a successful presence in the market. GBP International coordinates and manages the necessary formalities from name search, licensing, registrar of companies, local directors and other essential formalities.

Secretarial Work

The annual services for a company operation (i.e. annual report and a set of financials) are prepared in a professional manner.

Distributorship and Agencies

Through our extensive network within the local industries, we are able to introduce you to suitable distribution partners in order to market your product in the best possible way in Asia Pacific. In selected cases GBP International may act as your direct sales partner in the Asia Pacific region.

Due Diligence / Accounting

Business valuations and analysis of technical, financial and economic perspectives is a core element of GBP International’s business. GBP International has extensive knowledge about local accounting practices and maintains a professional relationship with the tax authorities. GBP International advices clients which government incentives or subsidies may be applicable.

Start-up Support

GBP International offers comprehensive Incubator-Services. In addition to the operational support of your business, we provide office space and work stations including conference facilities and related secretarial services.

Market Research

We help foreign companies understand the opportunities and complexities of Asian markets.

Asia represents a huge opportunity to businesses looking to grow and expand. Asia itself is a complex of different markets and cultures. Its sheer diversity and range is both an opportunity and a significant marketing challenge.

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Our scope of work

Industry Research

GBP International is specialised in answering detailed and industry specific questions. We gather, evaluate and strategically analyze such information for our clients. One of our key activities is to conduct market specific interviews with key experts of the specific industry.

Technology Assessments

GBP International undertakes the evaluation of new technologies and the rating of their technical and commercial use through professional due diligence. We draw on expertise from industry specialists as needed.

Product Research

If you wish to understand if your product will have a chance in the highly competitive markets in Asia you need to undertake a proper evaluation of the competitive landscape, your international and local competitors and the value add position of your product or service in a very different market environment.

Executive Search

Finding the right people with the right skill set at the right time and the right location. This challenge is undertaken in close cooperation with your HR Department. We start by writing the detailed job description, we search and pre-assess the applicants and we guide you in drafting the employment contracts. This way we assist you filling strategically important positions. Our interim management service can meet short term demand and provide for a smooth transition.

Sourcing Opportunities

Identifying new and reliable sourcing opportunities will directly impact your profit margin. Asian markets have a tremendous amount of suppliers which are virtually unknown in Europe. GBP International identifies these vendors and will expedite and supervise the complete sourcing process from documentation, technical competence, certifications and logistics.