Partners search for the local fabrication of marinas in Malaysia

GBP International conducted a research for a Finnish based company providing premium marinas and advanced floating solutions.

In order to support the company’s international expansion project, GBP International provided a study on:

  1. parameters and conditions of future project deliveries in Malaysia
  2. potential project partners and suppliers in Malaysia for a project in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia

The most critical part of their project delivery is manufacturing, transporting, lifting and installing the main component – large casted concrete pontoon elements. These large and heavy elements are made of two main units: (1) Tailor made EPS (expanded polystyrene (EPS)) core and (2) Around this core, casted concrete surfaces according to specification. There are several alternatives for this main component delivery in Malaysia. GBP International successfully searched for potential suppliers of EPS elements and concrete precast yards.

GBP International’s final recommendation was that the company awards a contract to the precast company (identified by GBP International) for the pontoons, including the EPS core and provided steel elements on a turn-key basis free Kota Kinabalu site.

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