MEF Roundtable Series on Sustainability – The Evolution of Urbanisation and the Impact on Mobility.

The Malaysia-Europe Forum (MEF) held the next Roundtable Series on ‘Smart Cities &
Urban Mobility’ in Madrid, Paris & London in November 2011.

Massive urban infrastructure investments are currently being made around the globe with
public mobility a top priority. Mobility in urban areas is also an important facilitator for
growth, employment and for sustainable development. It was against this backdrop, that the
MEF convened annual Roundtable Series on Sustainability with the focus being on ‘Smart
Cities: Urban Mobility’. Over the course of 5 days, a series of roundtables was held in Madrid,
Paris and London with site visits also arranged to provide the opportunity for senior Malaysian
government officials to study, debate and discuss the challenges at hand with their counterparts
from Europe.

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