SBH Tiefbautechnik is a leading provider of innovative foundation engineering solutions, specializing in deep foundation construction equipment and technologies. With a focus on quality, reliability, and technological advancement, SBH Tiefbautechnik has established a strong presence in the construction industry worldwide.GBP INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized consulting firm specializing in business development, market expansion, and strategic advisory services. With extensive experience in facilitating international growth for clients across various industries, GBP INTERNATIONAL was engaged by SBH Tiefbautechnik to spearhead its business development initiatives in the Asia Pacific region.

SBH Tiefbautechnik recognized the immense growth potential in the Asia Pacific construction market and sought to expand its presence across key countries in the region. Understanding the complexities and nuances of market entry in Asia Pacific, SBH Tiefbautechnik partnered with GBP INTERNATIONAL to devise and execute a comprehensive business development strategy encompassing the complete sales and marketing value chain.

Key Services Provided:

Webinars and Client Visits: GBP INTERNATIONAL organized targeted webinars to showcase SBH Tiefbautechnik’s innovative solutions to potential clients across Asia Pacific. These webinars were followed by personalized client visits, allowing SBH Tiefbautechnik to engage directly with stakeholders and understand their specific needs.

Exhibitions and Roadshows: GBP INTERNATIONAL facilitated SBH Tiefbautechnik’s participation in industry exhibitions and roadshows across the region. These events provided valuable networking opportunities and allowed SBH Tiefbautechnik to demonstrate its products and technologies to a wider audience of industry professionals.

Market Analysis and Strategy Development: GBP INTERNATIONAL conducted in-depth market analysis to identify key growth opportunities and competitive landscapes in each target market. Based on this analysis, strategic business development plans were developed to maximize SBH Tiefbautechnik’s market penetration and revenue growth.

Successes of the 20-Year Partnership:

Market Expansion: The partnership between SBH Tiefbautechnik and GBP INTERNATIONAL has led to successful market expansion across Asia Pacific over the past two decades. Starting from Malaysia, the collaboration has facilitated SBH Tiefbautechnik’s entry into new markets, including South East Asia, India, Bangladesh, and China.

Established Presence: Through strategic business development initiatives executed by GBP INTERNATIONAL, SBH Tiefbautechnik has established a strong presence in key markets across Asia Pacific. The company’s brand recognition and reputation for quality and reliability have been instrumental in securing significant market share in the region.

Revenue Growth: The consistent growth trajectory facilitated by the partnership has resulted in substantial revenue growth for SBH Tiefbautechnik in Asia Pacific. By leveraging GBP INTERNATIONAL’s expertise in sales and marketing, SBH Tiefbautechnik has successfully capitalized on emerging opportunities and translated them into sustainable business growth.

Strengthened Relationships: The longstanding partnership between SBH Tiefbautechnik and GBP INTERNATIONAL has fostered deep-rooted relationships with clients, partners, and industry stakeholders across Asia Pacific. This network of relationships has been instrumental in driving business development initiatives and securing new opportunities for SBH Tiefbautechnik.


The 20-year partnership between SBH Tiefbautechnik and GBP INTERNATIONAL has been marked by significant successes in business development across Asia Pacific. Through a strategic blend of sales and marketing initiatives, market analysis, and relationship-building efforts, SBH Tiefbautechnik has solidified its position as a trusted provider of foundation engineering solutions in the region. Looking ahead, the partnership continues to drive innovation and growth, poised to capitalize on future opportunities in the dynamic Asia Pacific construction market.


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