Natasha Zulkifly is sharing her experience with ASEAN-politics and her railway projects in Asia

In our GBP interview series we had the pleasure to speak with Natasha Zulkifly on 28th December 2020. Natasha is sharing her experiences from government, private and NGOs perspective when working with European and Asian stakeholders. She presently is responsible for a 200km railway project between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and she shares her experiences on how Asian contractors are competing now successfully with the Europeans. A little wake up call is due and we do see that Europeans become complacent despite or even because of their technological leads. These advantages will not hold unless you raise your level in other areas such as services, local content maximization, spare parts and maintenance, digitalization concepts and financing. Natasha also shares her passion for her “Women in Rail Project” and her experiences with ASEAN politics. Overall a very refreshing view on the EU-Asian affairs from a lady with a balanced view on global and local affairs.

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