Episode 3: Where to start?

Success factors for sustainable business in Asia

In Episode 3 Rebecca Barth and Volker Friedrich will discuss how to select the correct hub to start in Asia.

After talking about how to put together an ideal team and plan one’s time and budget effectively and efficiently we are now giving you hands on advice on where to start. Our key factors to success:

1. Select a manageable hub

2. Grow from there after success

3. Learn from mistakes

Do you have any questions or comments regarding one of our topics? Feel free to contact us any time and sign up for a free 30-consulting session with one of our experts:


Episode 3: Where to start?


This podcast is part of our series: Success factors for sustainable business in Asia.

Each week CEO Volker Friedrich will be talking to Rebecca Barth about one of the key questions regarding effective and efiicient business in Asia.

Get useful tips and tricks from GBP Interntational’s CEO, as well as insights into selected Asian markets.

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