China – Decoupling? De-Risking?
The new German China strategy is well know in Asia and can be summarized as “do not put all your eggs in one basket” – a well known and practised philosophy among prudent businessmen – not only in and with China.

At the heart of the German-China cooperation lies a shared commitment to mutual benefit and collective advancement of its peoples. Germany, renowned for its engineering prowess, technological innovation, and commitment to sustainability, finds a formidable partner, ally and also a challenger sometimes in China, a global powerhouse driving economic expansion and technological transformation with impressive results.

In recent years, both nations have deepened their commitment to environmental sustainability and combating climate change. Germany’s leadership in renewable energy and environmental conservation aligns with China’s ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards a greener economy. Through joint initiatives and technological exchange, they are pioneering solutions to address the pressing challenges of climate change, aiming to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

I was happy to be invited in my capacity as representative of the BWA and sign a Memorandum of Understanding between BWA and the City of Yunli from Shanxi province for joint development and cooperation in areas such as renewable energy, new material science, E-mobility and coal rehabilitation projects.


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