Jiake is a family-owned business based in China, specializing in the manufacturing of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for the rail and bus industry. In a bid to expand its international presence and explore business opportunities abroad, Jiake engaged GBP INTERNATIONAL, a renowned consultancy firm specializing in internationalization projects. Mr. Volker Friedrich, an experienced international consultant with GBP INTERNATIONAL, was assigned to lead the project. The primary objective of the internationalization project was to facilitate Jiake’s entry into the European market, particularly in Germany. The project aimed to identify potential business partners, establish connections with key stakeholders, and explore opportunities for collaboration and business expansion. Jiake partnered with GBP INTERNATIONAL to leverage their expertise in international business development and market entry strategies. Mr. Lin Weiming (Martin), the CEO of Jiake, accompanied by Mr. Volker Friedrich, participated in the prestigious Hannover Fair. The fair provided an excellent platform for Jiake to showcase its HVAC systems and network with industry professionals and potential partners from around the world.

Following the Hannover Fair, individual meetings were arranged with potential business partners and clients in Germany. These meetings aimed to deepen Jiake’s understanding of the German market, explore collaboration opportunities, and establish fruitful business relationships. As a result of these meetings JIAKE will receive orders for component manufacturing contracts and will also be audited by the  markets leaders in order to technically qualify for future cooperations according to the latest standards of the industries as well as new international sustainability and supply chain regulations.

GBP INTERNATIONAL conducted comprehensive market research to assess the competitive landscape, identify market trends, and evaluate potential opportunities and challenges for Jiake in the European market. The participation in the Hannover Fair enabled Jiake to network with a diverse range of industry stakeholders, including suppliers, distributors, and potential clients. These interactions helped Jiake gain insights into market dynamics and build valuable connections. Through individual meetings arranged by GBP INTERNATIONAL, Jiake successfully established partnerships with potential business partners and clients in Germany. These partnerships laid the foundation for future collaborations and business ventures. The project provided Jiake with valuable insights into the German market, including customer preferences, regulatory requirements, and industry standards. This knowledge will guide Jiake’s strategic decisions and market entry strategies in the future. The collaboration between Jiake and GBP INTERNATIONAL has been instrumental in advancing Jiake’s internationalization efforts, particularly in the European market. Through participation in the Hannover Fair, individual meetings with key stakeholders, and market research activities, Jiake has made significant progress towards achieving its expansion goals. With the support of GBP INTERNATIONAL and Mr. Volker Friedrich, Jiake is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and establish a strong foothold in the European HVAC market. Continued collaboration with GBP INTERNATIONAL and sustained efforts to strengthen relationships with partners and clients in Germany will be crucial for Jiake’s long-term success in the European market. Additionally, ongoing market research and adaptation to local market dynamics will be essential to navigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities effectively.

The services provided to JIAKE are an excellent example what professional support can achieve also for other companies from China and Asia who wish to explore the opportunities in Europe. We are pleased to announce that GBP and Martin agreed to collaborate in this respect as well and we look forward to servicing more companies from Asia in Europe.


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