On a tranquil afternoon in Berlin I had the pleasure to host Peer Mertesacker on my small sailboat – the head of Arsenal London’s youth academy and football world champion in Brazil. Our path crossed by chance along the EURO 24 buzz and we discovered a shared passion for sports and its profound impact on professional lives.
As we navigated the conversation, Mertesacker reflected on the enduring qualities he honed in football—endurance, stamina, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. These attributes, crucial on the field, now underpin his role in preparing young athletes for life beyond sports at Arsenal. He emphasized how teamwork and social skills, integral to sportsmanship, translate seamlessly into leadership and collaboration on the field and in business alike.

We can easily draw parallels between the strategic thinking and resilience demanded in sports and those essential in leading a global consultancy like GBP INTERNATIONAL. For GBP INTERNATIONAL building a cohesive team in business mirrors the synergy found in sailing crews or relay teams or football teams – each member contributing to collective success.
Our discussion naturally gravitated towards EURO 24, a pinnacle of sporting competition and unity across Europe. We mused over the shared anticipation, strategic planning, and communal spirit that define such events, seeing parallels to the corporate world where goals, strategies, and teamwork determine success.
We recognize that regardless of the arena—be it a football pitch, swimming pool, or boardroom—the qualities that propel athletes to greatness—resilience, determination, and teamwork—are equally vital for business leaders navigating challenges and driving success.
The encounter on the River Spree underscored a universal truth: successful athletes and businessmen share a common language of discipline, resilience, and strategic vision. Whether competing for trophies or market share, the lessons learned in sports shape leaders who thrive amidst uncertainty, inspire teams to exceed expectations, and foster enduring success in any arena.


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