MGBA Seminar in Yangon

Yangon/Kuala Lumpur, 26. November 2011

MGBA Seminar in Yangon
Investment and Business Opportunities in Myanmar

Just days before US secretary of state Hilary Clinton begins a visit to Myanmar, GBP held a
seminar about investment and business opportunities in Myanmar, informing 150 participants
at the Sedona Hotel in Yangon.

As a founding member of The Myanmar German Business Association (MGBA), Volker U.
Friedrich – CEO of GBP International – informed 150 participants about various sectors such
as property, tourism, machinery and furniture in Myanmar. In comparison to its neighbouring
countries of the ASEAN, Myanmar has a tiny economy worth about $40 billion. “But it can be
reviewed in one of two ways: Such a small economy is hardly worth the effort, or that it is such a
small economy that there is a lot of potential”, says Klaus Kretzschmar, Senior Partner of GBP
and Co-moderator of the seminar.
Volker U. Friedrich and Klaus Kretzschmar MGBA – Moderator Volker U. Friedrich in Yangon


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