Economies of Asia

Economies of Asia

Understanding the economies of Asia is a difficult task. Many cultural, historical, factors influence their economy. GBP International has published an insightful presentation about the economies of Asia. It will cover the History of the economies of Asia as a whole and how the economy of each individual country is intertwined. The competitiveness of Asian economies dis depending on multiple factors. How will new technology change those? How can the western countries compete with them?

“China is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.’


The presentation is covering China 2.0, and its unstoppable expansion for some time to come. As well as India is the latest darling of the western world with a nice growth story in a democratic environment. Why has Japan a severe demographic problem? How will the one Belt one Road project affect the relationship between the east and the west? South Korea the industrial powerhouse in the limelight of the conflict with North Korea now. As a result, Megatrends are pushing the agenda. Such as Urbanisation, Digitalisation, Demography, Health, rising Middle Class.

Economies of Asia
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