The client, a leading European company specializing in the production of machinery and engineering equipment for the building material industry, initially attempted to enter the Asian market with their own resources. However, they quickly realized that they lacked the expertise and experience required to successfully navigate the market. GBP INTERNATIONAL conducted comprehensive market research to identify the size of the addressable market, growth potential, and key trends in the building material industry in Asia. This helped the client to understand the demand for their equipment and the regulatory environment they would operate in. GBP INTERNATIONAL also analyzed the competitive landscape in the building material industry in Asia, identifying key competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, market share, and product offerings. This enabled the client to develop a clear understanding of the competitive environment they would be operating in and allowed them to develop strategies to differentiate their machinery and engineering equipment. Additionally, GBP INTERNATIONAL conducted customer and distributor analysis to identify potential customers and the most effective distribution channels to reach them. This helped the client to tailor their marketing and distribution strategies to the specific needs and preferences of the Asian market, improving their chances of success.

Based on the research and analysis, GBP INTERNATIONAL developed a market entry strategy for the client, which included recommendations on the target markets, pricing, distribution channels, marketing tactics, and partnerships with local companies.

The result of the project was a successful market entry into the Asian market, with the client establishing partnerships with local companies and increasing their market share. By leveraging GBP INTERNATIONAL’s expertise in market research and market entry strategy development in Asia, the client was able to gain a deep understanding of the market, identify potential customers, and develop an effective entry strategy tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the Asian market. This enabled them to successfully contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the building material industry in Asia while expanding their business and achieving their growth objectives.


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